Designing Your Kitchen Backsplash

1:17 pm on March 16, 2016 Green Life

A creative and cost-efficient way for creating a kitchen backsplash involves covering it with wallpaper, or fototapety do kuchni. The kitchen backsplash has 19 inches in between the countertop and the bottom of the cabinets; thereby, it offers a lot of opportunities to decorate. A designer on Home and Garden Television Network (HGTV), Taniya Nayak, recommends going to the close-out section of the wallpaper store where you may find the ideal backsplash design at a much lower cost. It is important to remember that you should paint the wallpaper with a clear, water-resistant varnish to prevent stains from grease, food, and drinks.

Solid or Patterned Wallpaper

If you have plain or solid-colored countertops, consider using patterned wallpaper on the backsplash. The wallpaper pattern may have the color of the countertop to make it somewhat uniformed. Or, if your countertops have patterns and designs, use a complementary, solid color to prevent the backsplash from competing with them. Since the backsplash only represents a small wall area, you may utilize bold colors.

Textured Wallpaper

You may also use textured wallpaper as a backsplash. Choose from a raised vinyl faux stone or brick that are available in a wide variety of colors. Other textures are available such as cork, granite, marble, fabric, and bamboo. Some textured wallpaper comes in white color that is made to be painted over.

Mural Mosaic Wallpaper

Mural mosaic wallpaper can be used to convert your backsplash into an artistic mosaic scene or image. This design looks best on kitchens that have large wall space. There are some companies that offer custom-made mosaic tile wallpaper from your own photograph, using water-resistant ink.

Wallpaper Tiles

Wallpaper tiles and squares is a simple and cost-efficient way to apply wallpaper. The tiles can easily be installed in different colors to make an interesting design. Some wallpaper tiles even come in 3D, giving off a sculpture effect. Should you want to change the backsplash in the future, you can easily remove them with minimal effort.

Stove Backsplash

The space behind the stove provides space to work with for kitchen decorations. It allows you to add more drama into your kitchen. You may use a new wallpaper color behind the stove as you wish, along with the wallpaper on the backsplash of your countertop. You can also add a dramatic wallpaper color or design behind the stove; thereby, making the backsplash a focal point for the kitchen and leaving the countertop backsplash bear.

Improve Air Quality in Your Homes with Air Purifiers

11:22 am on November 30, 2015 Green Life

Clean air is hard to come by nowadays because of the extent of the air pollution. Now that winter has begun, the cooler air that is closer to the ground will trap the smoke and other air pollutants, thereby worsening the quality of the air. Smoke from factories and other machineries may remain suspended in the air for much longer, creating smog; making it difficult for people to breathe. Unfortunately, this air situation isn’t much better inside our homes.

Although we can’t do much about the outdoors immediately, there are air purifiers that can improve the air quality indoors in some way. These air purifiers will reduce smoke by filtering out the pollutants in the air, such as esters, ketones, halogens, aldehydes, and etc.

Investing in Air Purifiers

If you close the windows at night, your bedroom might have too much carbon dioxide within a few hours after you’ve fallen asleep. But, if you open the windows, you are allowing the polluted air to enter. An indoor air purifier might just solve this problem by trapping allergens and viruses; thereby allowing for cleaner air to reach the lungs.

air purifiers will reduce smoke


Carrier Midea

Carrier Midea has added air purifiers to their products. Their MAPTT253EBN model has a 3-filter set up (complete with pre-gilter, HEPA filter, and activated carbon filter), as well as an ionizer that removes the odor and pollens particles. It can easily clean smaller-sized rooms. It has a maximum air delivery rate of 270 cubic meters per hour.

Eureka Forbes Aeroguard

The Eureka Forbes Aeroguard with Acton is another highly recommended purifier. It has a maximum CADR of 205 cubic meters per hour. It has a negative ion generator that creates negative ions through water, air, sunlight, and radiation. It also eliminates the dust, spores, pollen, pet dander, cigarette smoke, and odors. It helps improve bedroom air quality, as well as the outdoor air coming in. However, it only works only with a wireless remote control. You won’t be able to find hardware keys on the device itself.

Honeywell’s Air Touch

The Air Touch is probably the best looking air purifier out there. It comes in a unique champagne gold color, making it more attractive than the others. It has a maximum CADR of 300 cubic meters per hour in 400 square feet room in just 15 minutes. Its purification works by pulling the air from the sides, and venting it at the top. Its beautiful air quality LED display switches between red, yellow, and blue, according to the air quality. It is recommended to be used in the living room.

Beta 350

Beta 350 is an air purifier manufactured by an Indian company known as Atlanta Healthcare. It has a fine washable fabric pre-filter, unlike the traditional air filters out there. It captures the dust, enhancing the life of the next layer of filters in the air purifier which works well in a dusty environment. It also works best in maintaining the humidity level of the room as it has a HEPA filter made of glass filter. It has a CADR of 225 cubic meters per hour.

Be Successful in Content Marketing!

12:44 pm on November 23, 2015 Business

Content marketing is an important recipe for success in every industry in Australia. But while this marketing strategy has been popular for the past few years, many entrepreneurs still aren’t sure on how to implement and develop an effective content. Fortunately, the principles of content marketing aren’t really that difficult. It’s mainly about attracting customers, rather than just paying for traditional ads. Here are tips that you can use to clients.

Know your Client Base

Before marketing anything, it is very important for you to determine who your target market is. Make sure that your products or services and your market fits perfectly. If you must know, one of the major reasons why business startups fail is that they aren’t really giving their market what they truly need. Prevent this by doing research; know their qualities, such as culture and language.


To be successful in marketing your content, the presence and voice of your brand needs to be consistent. Think about a theme for your company. Whatever it is, you would want your voice to be consistent in every platform; blogs, social media, and websites.

content marketing


Develop a “Written” Marketing Plan

According to studies, companies that have a documented marketing strategy are likely to be successful in content marketing. Therefore, a written plan would work better than an unwritten one.


It is important for your content marketing plan to be realistic in terms of budget and human resources. If you only have $1,000 a month for your content marketing campaigns, then plan within these means and ensure that you won’t go beyond $1,000.

Determine Your Channels

Determine where you’ll publish your content; which sites and platforms. In addition, you should also identify who will publish the contents; especially if you have different channels.

Content marketing in business is more about understanding the preferences of your market. This may be a difficult task for new entrepreneurs… but as they say, the journey to a thousand miles begins with a single step.

The Growing Number of Women Entrepreneurs

6:59 am on November 22, 2015 Business

Gone are the days of gender inequality. We can now see women working in and running different industries. In fact, more and more women are currently in to business; starting up companies in many industrialized and developing countries. From 2012 to 2014 the gender gap in entrepreneurship has been narrowed down by 6 percent.

Today, more women are using their educational gains to take advantage of many opportunities to put up businesses that would eventually make them financially independent. In the past few years, entrepreneurship has been known to be vital to the global economic development, particularly in poorer countries. According to the data gathered by the World Economic Forum, female entrepreneurs can contribute immensely to the economic growth and help in reducing the incidence of poverty.

rich jerk

Influential to Economic Development

Experts say that women are great influencers to economic development as they invest in communities, help in educating children, as well as pay forward by helping other people.

It is therefore not a surprise that more women are participating in community sectors and ventures, such as cleaning operations. But as we look ahead, researchers say that women entrepreneurs may play a vital role in offering new business solutions not only locally, but globally; in issues like food and clothing.

Being boosted by their education, women are now achieving higher innovation levels. According to research, women entrepreneurs in about half of the economies have equal or higher innovation levels compared to men entrepreneurs.

What does this imply?

If you are a woman who is empowered and has unique business ideas, then you should be confident to try them out. Although the business sector can be very difficult to penetrate, you will be able to survive if you have the right entrepreneurial skills.

One of the popular and successful businesses nowadays is those that are involved in online business strategies. This should be a no-brainer, primarily because we are now in the digital age. Riding the bandwagon would be appropriate.

The Rich Jerk

You might have heard by now about the Rich Jerk. It is a detailed review and guide for those who are trying to make money online by running a business.

With lots and lots of competition nowadays, running a successful online business can be very difficult. But there are still millionaires out there who just sit back and enjoy their income that are generated from their websites; take for example Mark Zuckerberg. One of the vital parts of setting up an online business is you need to maintain it; however, only little efforts are required.

You may venture into various niches depending on what you are good at and still continue to generate income. Since people around the world are connected through the web, there is simply unlimited number of opportunities available for you to take advantage of. But you have to be very knowledgeable enough not to get involved or sign up with a scam company. Rather, you need to follow a structured course that has reliable coaches from the Rich Jerk. Their course will teach you the dos and don’ts, and the proper way to run an online business.

GTA 5 Released Throwback Games

5:43 pm on November 15, 2015 Games News

The GTA 5 has brought much success for the Rockstar, who saw a new crime-fighting vehicle on Los Santos, along with a series of excellent dash jobs.

The Rockstar recently released an update for GTA 5’s online gamers on Xbox One and 360, PS 3 and 4, as well as PC. In celebration of 10 year since they’ve released The Warriors on PS 2 and Xbox, gamers can now play through a variety of throwback jobs. There are cheats for these jobs though; GTA 5 Cheats has loads of cheat codes for GTA V on PS3.

Throwback jobs for PlayStation 3 and 4 players

The Warriors 2014

Being the present-day Warriors, you need to have what it takes to survive the showdown. There are a lot of artilleries included in the challenging Team Showdown including AP Pistols, Miniguns, Heavy Snipers, and Sticky Bombs; all with spawn points that are spread throughout the board that enables sneaky attacks.

The Warriors Transit

A death match in the subway like what we see in the movies. It is set in the Parking Station of Los Santos International airport; each team will begin on different platforms before meeting at the narrow corridor in between.

Throwback Jobs for Xbox One and 360 Players

The Warriors

The Warriors allow for a serious combat. It features the best Damage/Speedo combination to make a quick attack on the enemies as you duke them out near Vespucci Beach.

The Warriors: Ending

This throwback allows players to settle the score and put the night behind them; only dirty Luthers will pick up the gun, while hardcore swans pick up the knife.

Throwback Jobs for PC

The Warriors, Gang Brawl

The goal of the fight is to take what is yours. Up to 20 layers can play this mayhem with knives, crowbars, golf clubs, baseball bats, and nightsticks as weapons.

The Warriors

This throwback job is set on the familiar boardwalk of Del Perro Pier. The goal is for you and your team to spread out and spread the weapons.


The online version of Grand Theft Auto 5 was awarded for being the Best Multi-Player during the 33rd annual Golden Joystick Awards; meanwhile, the introduction of the first-person mode was awarded with the Innovation of the Year award. Other awards for the GTA 5 include the Best PC Game and the PlayFire Most Played Award.

GTA 5 Cheats has loads of cheat codes for GTA V on PS3

The Golden Joystick Awards is the only gaming award ceremony worldwide that is voted for gamers that casted 9 million votes.

“The awards have been a triumph, not only for Future and the gaming industry, but also the gamers who have voted in their millions to make sure their voice is heard,” said Declan Gough, the Head of Content & Marketing, Film, Games & Music for Future. “We look to the 2016 awards with huge excitement in the knowledge that the next 12 months is full of incredible games — and they are only the one’s we know about!”

A fully equipped Batmobile has been created to allow fans to move around the city with speed from the built-in rocket launchers and turbo boosts.

Gadgets most likely to be hits this holiday season

5:26 pm on November 12, 2015 Gadgets

By Chris Morris, CNBC

There’s a reason you see a lot of doorbuster deals on TVs and tablets during the holidays. Consumers consistently place those items at the top of their holiday gadget wish list — and 2015 isn’t any different.

TVs are the first, and tablets the second most wished-for item in the Consumer Electronics Association’s annual study of the most desired tech gifts of the holiday season. Smartphones, laptop computers and video game consoles rounded out the top five.

That syncs pretty closely to what Black Friday sites have been finding. spoke with more than 1,100 shoppers, 43 percent of which said they’ll be primarily hunting for deals on electronics.

And those shoppers will be buying. The CEA’s research finds 65 percent of all Americans (roughly 160 million people) will buy tech gifts this year — the highest level in at least three years. Total spending on those gadgets is expected to hit $34.2 billion — a 2.3 percent increase over last year.

“CEA’s 2015 holiday forecast suggests the holiday shopping season that lies before us will be the biggest on record,” said Shawn DuBravac, the association’s chief economist and senior director of research.

Electronics manufacturers will have plenty for those shoppers to choose from this year. While Samsung, LG and Vizio all have new high-end HDTVs on the market — and each will work with retail partners on doorbuster specials — it’s less pricey items that will probably wind up under most trees this year.

Headphones and earbuds are likely to be the most purchased tech items, with the CEA estimating them to be given by 28 and 27 percent, respectively, of gift-givers. Also hot: portable speakers and every item from the ‘most wished-for’ list — except TVs.

This could also be a breakout year for video game hardware. There are quite a few highly anticipated games hitting stores this holiday season and the push is on by manufacturers to convince owners of last-generation systems to upgrade.

“With the launch of ‘Halo 5’ Xbox One has a ‘system seller,’ and ‘killer app’ that could see many 360 holdouts upgrading to the Xbox One,” said Liam Callahan, a games industry analyst at The NPD Group. “PlayStation 4 comps would … have been tough due to [the system’s] success last holiday, but the recently announced $50 price drop is certain to help sales.”

Smartphones and tablets are likely to get a boost, as they do most years. Apple’s iPhone 6S and 6S Plus got off to a record start in September, selling more than 13 million units in just three days. And Google’s heralded Android Marshmallow, which improves battery life, standardizes support for fingerprint scanners and offers several new features, is ushering in a new line of Android phones.

Meanwhile, the iPad Pro, which launched Wednesday, is a tablet whose 12.9-inch screen and slim design could be very popular with power and business users. And Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 has won rave reviews from critics and has been hailed as a laptop replacement for die-hard Windows users.

Demand is also on the rise for fitness trackers like Fitbit (up 5 percent from last year) and action cameras, such as GoPro. And interest in drone purchases has jumped from 3 percent last year to 7 percent this year as the hobby becomes more mainstreamed.

“Whether Americans want the latest upgrade of their favorite tech device or to try out the newest emerging tech on the market,” said DuBravac, “it’s apparent that consumer enthusiasm for tech will be substantial this holiday shopping season.”

French Software Company Released Assassin’s Creed III: The Tyranny of King Washington

6:31 am on May 2, 2013 Software

Just the day after former president, George Washington, has been honored in the United States of America, one French company, whose products are focused on software, launched their new video game that features the first president of USA as a ruler who would hang his people, displaying his tyranny and that he must be assassinated in the game.

This video game from Ubisoft is entitled Assassin’s Creed III: The Tyranny of King Washington which was out last February. It is only compatible to consoles including Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii U and in PlayStation 3.

As according to the creators, this game foretells a story of a king, Washington, the ex-defender of the freedom of all Americans, but he then turned to go mad over power and turns into a tyrant ruler. This games feature an alternate reality to Washington’s reign.

This new video game released by France has received a lot of comments with varying points. Some say it is just a fictionalized story, plotted in a gamers’ imagination that happens to choose to add the presence of the first president of USA. Others say that the date when the video game was released is not a coincidence, but planned to try to say something against Washington.

No Download Free Online Games

4:16 pm on May 1, 2013 Gadgets

In the world of online gaming, you will be astounded with wide variety of games. The advent of the internet has made playing your most loved games more accessible and easier. Since it’s online, there’s no need for you to travel to the playing arena or dressed up. What you need to do is to open your computer and let the World Wide Web takes you to where you want to go.

Free online games can be played on various sites. Some are downloadable but there are also download free. If I have to make a choice between the two, I would prefer the no download options. Why? Simply because you can’t always download anything online since it can put your computer or gadget at risk. Malware and viruses are widely spreading on web so it really pays to be safe. Just like choosing credit repair companies online, the search is not that easy to go through since frauds and scams are everywhere. But if you will just be vigilant in your search, there’s no need for you to fret.

But other than having a careful selection of the games you will download on the web, you also have the choice to go for no download games. This means that you are not required to install the games in your computer; instead, you will play it online on their site. With this gaming option, you can have the same level of fun and excitement in gaming minus the harm you will inflict to your precious device.

So why choose to go through such risky options if you can have a much better and safer choice the other way around? With no download free online games, you can play your most favored online games plus your computer system is well protected.

Linux Domain Controller

4:29 pm on April 30, 2013 Software

Microsoft products these days are numerous that you might be able to have them. They are affordable to start a little business and so it is necessary to have a domain controller. With the use of advanced technology such as the World Wide Web, it is easy to access Linux domain controller from your home.

The beauty of it is that Linux domain controller gives important role with windows with a least work. It has built-in features to give you what you need. All you need is a very affordable or low-priced personal computer (PC).

If you do not have a domain yet, then get one now. However, you have to know where to find pr domain. You can choose to use an old domain so that you will not spend time creating the same. Many websites can give you a list of domains that have already expired. Usually, Internet sites are regularly up-to-date and you are free to select.

Your Choice of Michigan Banks

7:48 pm on April 29, 2013 Michigan News ,

Michigan banks are either for personal use such as for your savings or business banking purposes such as loans. There are a plethora of choices in banking despite economy or consumer frustrations. In the locality of Michigan there are different kinds of bank specialization such as community banks, government-owned and charged, retail banks, commercial banks and savings investment banks. Below are just some of the popular banks in Michigan:

  • Citizens Bank. This is known as the largest bank located in Michigan. It has a variety and diverse bank services offered to their broad client base. Client service satisfaction is their top priority along with rapid response by phone or by email to their customers.
  • Charter One. It offers financial services such as commercial, consumer, mortgage banking, trust, financial planning services and other bank transaction.
  • Huntington National Bank. It helps you with your commercial banking needs.

Banks are helpful to citizens especially for salaried people because these financial institutions pay interest in return in exchange for the deposit made by the owner. Also, it allows people to lend and borrow money and banks are also important to economy.

Aside from banks, credit unions can also help citizens who have financial hardships to make their lives easier. This is a source for microfinance that greatly served poorer urban and rural communities. You can browse the Internet to find rates and reviews about the credit unions financial services and why it plays an important role in a sustainable economy.